Saturday, December 18, 2021

Urban Sketchers Hohenlohe - Johanneskirche Crailsheim


The only one to show up on this USk meeting was me, as my sketchfriends called me, that they regret not being able to come this time. As I entered Johannes Church, I felt the calm inside, although the heating and the lights were off. Just a few candles at the altar made for a warm shine. 


First I went up to the Empore, where the large organ is and sketched from there, not being able to see my colours properly - it was quite dark. 


In the photo you can see, how dark it was. What a surprise to see the bright colours of my sketches later in real light.


The decoration of each pillar was different. I went down the stairs and drew a fast sketch of the rear part of the church. 


No noise - total calm ... I was the only person. Lots of good memories in my mind. I thought of the many Christmas Masses, I spent here in my childhood. I remember lots of real candle lights and the huge, beautiful Christmas Tree they always had with the handmade straw stars. I imagine Choirs singing here and I felt that this is a good place...also for sketching...

The lion figure you see above is in the front of the church. My last sketch below is another ornament on one of the columns.

The colouring of some of my sketches was made at home, as I could not do all in this short amount of time. I will go back there soon again. I was having what we sketchers call a "flow" in this relaxed surrounding,... totally on my own, doing what I like best.


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