Sunday, May 16, 2021

Drink & Draw with USk Augsburg


Our friends from USk Augsburg invited to have a drink & draw zoom meeting about a week ago. Joachim Heinrich organised it and did a very good job as a kind of "showmaster". It was a real challenging and fun portrait party. In the beginning we could pin whoever of the about 15 attendants and make portraits to our liking

and I tried to capture as many participants as possible...enjoying the talks and the whole friendly atmosphere.

In terms of drawing it was quite challenging as everybody was drawing and moved a lot, looking up and down all the time...

After a while Joachim proposed that one person should be the model for a while and he defined a time limit. Speedsketching. The first one was a 3 minute portrait sketch and then a 1 minute sketch of the same person.

In the beginning I was having problems to adapt to the small timespan and messed up a few sketches, because my direct watercolour did not dry. Lateron I had a different strategy and just outlined the important features, which worked much better in the time given.

Here are some of my results.

We were online for about 4 hours that evening and it was pure joy for me. My thanks go to all participants and above all to Joachim and USk Augsburg for the possibilty to be part of the event.


Drink & Draw mit den Urban Sketchers Augsburg über zoom. Unser Thema: Portrait


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Rapsfeld 2 in 2021


A cloudy day in my little paradise. The landscape is getting much greener now and the beautiful rapefields are developing their bloom. That is fantastic.

Ein wolkiger Tag in meinem kleinen Paradies. Die Landschaft wird allgemein viel grüner und die schönen Rapsfelder entwickeln ihre gelben Blütenstände. Das ist toll.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Rapsfeld 1 in 2021


Painting rape field season is officially opened. I painted this sketch on May 3rd as the flowers of this field opened. I come by here every day. By that time the blooms are not yet all open, so the field is not yet completely yellow, but it will become more intense in colour and smell within the next days and weeks... I really like these fields and therefore draw them each year in the month of May and...already spotted some more of them (they are in different spots each year). 

 Die Rapsfeld-Malerei ist für dieses Jahr eröffnet. Die Aquarellskizze malte ich am 3. Mai, als die Blüten sich gerade öffneten. Hier komme ich täglich vorbei. Die Blüten waren aber noch nicht alle offen, daher ist das Feld noch nicht ganz gelb, aber es wird sicher innerhalb der nächsten Tage intensiver in der Farbe und im Geruch...Ich mag diese Felder und male sie jedes Jahr wieder...hab noch einige mehr Felder entdeckt (sie sind jedes Jahr an anderen Orten).

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mood of the day sketch - little anemones


In a corner of my garden I see a few anemones coming each year and I already sketched them a few times. This is my this years fast sketch of them. They seem to like the place below a hedge.

In einer Gartenecke kommen jedes Jahr kleine blaue Anemonen zum Vorschein. Die habe ich bereits mehrmals gemalt. Hier eine schnelle Skizze für dieses Jahr. Die Anemonen scheinen den geschützten Platz vor der Hecke zu mögen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dessins Confinés - Junges Gemüse - Légumes


Without much thinking I started a direct watercolour on a large piece of paper. The artichokes were on the sheet within minutes and I had a lot of fun watching the colours merge together, so I continued and on and on till I had a full paper spread of "légumes"/vegetables.
This is what Ghislaine wrote to us concerning week 17/2021:
Voici le thème de la semaine : Petits légumes printaniers.(piccoli verdure di primavera)
Bonne semaine avant le déconfinement approche…. 
Ohne viel nachzudenken begann ich auf ein grosses Blatt in direktem Aquarell (ohne Vorzeichnen) die Farben ineinanderfliessen zu lassen und malte zuerst die Artischocken. Das hat Spaß gemacht, also fügte sich alles wie von selbst zusammen. Die verschiedenen Gemüse stellte ich einfach irgendwie zusammen. Mir hat das sehr gefallen. Das Thema kam mal wieder von unserer Ghislaine, die uns noch immer Woche für Woche neue Ideen nahebringt.