Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Preparing Sketchtour Kirchberg


While it is still warm outside, I am checking out the good spots for Kirchberg Sketchtour next year. It will look different from the flora, as it will be in May, but I would like to check the light conditions and places in order to make for a good experience. 

Während es draussen noch warm ist, möchte ich noch ein paar gute Plätze für die Sketchtour Kirchberg, die nächstes Jahr stattfinden soll, ausprobieren. Es wird dann von der Flora her etwas anders aussehen, als jetzt, aber es ist gut, die Lichtbedingungen und Plätze vorher in Augenschein zu nehmen, damit die Bedingungen passen. 

Sketchtour Kirchberg event on fb

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Schweinchen Dick


Back to some sketches I did after our visit in the open air museum. I saw these nice pigs and wanted to sketch them. We did not have the time to do that on site, so I decided to sketch them later.

Zurück zu Skizzen, die ich in mein toned Sketchbook gemacht habe. Während unseres Besuchs im Freilandmuseum, habe ich diese hohenlohischen Schweine gesehen. Malen konnten wir sie aus Zeitgründen nicht mehr, denn das war ganz am Ende unseres Besuchs, aber ich hab sie dann einfach später skizziert.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

LOKET SKETCHTOUR - a few more sketches (some unfinished)



The upper one is a direct watercolour sketch (the only without preliminary pencil drawing). My sketches are very different each time as when I knew I had lesser time, I started the sketch with inkpen (black or sanguine) The following for example was on the last day, close to the castle entrance, a few minutes before we met for breakfast. I had to hurry, so I pulled out my black ink pen and sketched first the young couple sitting on the bench next to me.

Then I did a sketch at breakfast, which is the left one. I liked the building with some art deco facade. The right side was made on a paper I did not really like and I had to throw a lot of colour onto the page in order to be satisfied with the outcome.

Then I tried again the "bad paper" with ink pen and watercolour, but again I did not like it, as it sucked in all the colour and needed endless time to get some colour onto the paper (and time is precious...so this is not the right paper for me)

My second last one was a sketch in the narrow streets surrounding Loket and a very nice man talked to me in Czech language but switched into perfect German as he noticed that I am German... Turned out that he lives in the house I was sketching... btw the lamps in Loket are huge, that is why I actually did this view.


Could not use watercolour because I had to hurry back for meeting the others for lunch. I even sketched two more unfinished, but that's it for now. 

It was a great joy to be in Loket in such good company. Thanks to @janvitek.art


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

LOKET SKETCHTOUR - watercolours


We had a fantastic time in Loket. Now follow a few of my real watercolours, which were done on good watercolour paper...

The first one is from "below the bridge", a view which was done by any participant of #loketsketchtour ...we were climbing up and down the stairs "schlepping" (a word Hana Alisa was using...) all the stuff up again...

 I continued  another one in size A3 with the following watercolour of the castle

It was quite hot that afternoon and in the beginning we sat in the shade...later it was so hot, that I did not finish totally...

The next day, I did a panoramic view on 20 x 40 cm watercolour paper 300gms

which was to the opposite side from the fortifying walls down to the railway track and bridge... 

 You can see that it was a very fast one. I did not consider much the details.

I like this for its light colouring, for the memories I had with Jana and the other great sketchers there and I am happy that the river is a bit visible in my painting.

I still got some more sketches from inside my sketchbook, which are not yet fotographed...stay tuned...more to come soon...

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Exhibiton II of "pinceaux confinés"...


If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you might know that during the first lockdown periods we had a group of painters from France, Italy and Germany, who shared their daily sketches with subjects given by Ghislaine Feroux. A book came out and the first exhibition was in mid summer. 

Now there will be another exhibition of our pieces of art, sent in to France from about 60 participating artists. If you are around Poitiers area, come and visit the exhibition.


This is what Ghislaine wrote:

J’ai le plaisir de vous confirmer l’exposition de nos « dessins confinés » à Migné-Auxances (commune de 6000 habitants située dans la banlieue NO de Poitiers).
Nos dessins seront exposés du 18 septembre au 1er octobre  2021 au Centre socio-culturel de la Comberie (10, rue de la Comberie 86440 Migné-Auxances).

Le vernissage aura lieu le samedi 18 septembre à 18 heures.
Le Centre socio Culturel a souhaité une animation autour de notre exposition.

Nous avons prévu pour le samedi 18 septembre :

10 heures à midi : Dessin au marché de Migné-Auxances (apporter votre matériel et votre siège)
12h-13 h : Véronique Delalande vous accueillera dans son atelier situé dans le bourg.
13h-15h : Pique-nique (que vous apporterez) dans le Parc de la Comberie
15h-17h : Animation, croquis et démo d'aquarelle dans le quartier des Rochereaux
18 heures : Vernissage de l’exposition