Monday, February 19, 2024

Aquarell Ganztages-Kurse 2024


Liebe Malfreunde,

oben seht ihr meine Ganztageskurse für Hohenlohe. Ich habe schöne Projekte vorbereitet, verschiedene Farbmischungen für euch getestet und interessante Tips für euch auf Lager. Ich freue mich auf euren Besuch.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Watercolour Portrait Sketch


Here comes another sketch on toned paper. I liked the hat which suits him well and of course the intense look. 

Still three papers on the block so I got some more on the 200 gms toned paper till it is gone. Needs a lot of colour layers to get at least a bit of contrast, but it is quite nice to try.

Happy sketching, everybody. 


Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Watercolour Portrait Sketch


Before I went away travelling this January, I did many watercolour portrait sketches on toned paper. Pure fun.

If you would like to get a space in one of my workshops please book early, as the places are limited.


Falls ihr noch einen Platz in einem meiner Aquarellkurse haben möchtet, bucht bitte rechtzeitig, denn die Plätze sind begrenzt (Kurse siehe rechts...)

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Another Portrait Sketch on toned paper


Thank you to the Model Jessika @adoro_larte for the great reference. 

I was having fun with this one and could try all different kinds of greens, blending one into another...


Friday, January 19, 2024

More portrait sketching on toned paper


Really enjoy this brownish paper in the meantime. Very suitable for fast watercolour sketching. This person looks very much alike the prompt of jyportraitchallenge and I am superhappy with it. 

More of these... just for the fun of it.

Happy painting.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Portrait Sketching on toned paper


Back to portrait sketching. Still had an A4 block of toned paper, 200 gms which I initially bought for Urban Sketching, but wanted to use it up now as I would like to concentrate on larger formats.

I really liked to sketch with that paper, although it warps a little as it is thinner than my usual paper and it needs more layers to take enough colour.


The models I am painting are from my friend at jyportraitchallenge. Thanks to Judith.

If you would like to learn how to paint people/portraits, join my portrait class.

Easy skin mixes, shadowing, step-by-step painting, tips and tricks.

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Saturday, January 6, 2024

Back to Calabria


I am back to Calabria and it feels like coming home. During our breakfast we still can see the fires we already saw yesterday evening. The next village is in danger, but after several flights of the firefighters airplane the fires are extinguished. The stunt flight action is over. Good for the people. Next night we saw the spectacle again on the TV.

 Had a few more minutes to sketch the flowers on our balcony...

 ...and part of the house...before it began to rain...

we fled into a beach bar and I began to make a study of the ocean water which did not turn out to my liking...


Ciao from Calabria. Hope I did not forget any sketch...

oh yes, I forgot one ocean study from my balcony which I like, because the water looks agitated due to the wonderful blooming effect of the watercolours.


Wednesday, January 3, 2024


Sketched at Lipari harbour. The ship is one of the ships that provision the island with all kind of goods and transports the garbage away. 


Many times during the day you could see the different ferries coming and going and it never gets boring here and it is a paradise for sketchers who like to sketch different types of ships.


We made a lot of walks and came by a caper factory which made me sketch the stadiums of capers. First the fruit = caper, then the flower and later the cucunci which is eatable as well.

 Then the lemon is very important in Sicily. We are on a Sicilian Island!


Plus I can see a few pomegranate plants here which I really think have spectacular fruits.


There is a long promenade with a beach in front close to the main harbour and I sketched one of the lovely painted boats. Here comes my whole spread:

 Then there is also a castle hill with churches, castle and very ancient graves...

 The upper sketch is on one of the hightest points of the castle.


And here comes the way up. The beautiful building in the back is a church.

More of the story in a different post...stay tuned...