Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Weir in Eichenau


The bubbling water by the weir in Eichenau and the old stone bridge were my great sketching fun, right before I went to the International USk Festival in Swidnica. I forgot to post it and here it is...

Monday, October 3, 2022

Kastanien / Chestnuts


Found my first chestnuts of the year on my way through Burgberg forest. They looke like "green aliens". Had to paint them, like I do every year in the end of September or beginning of October...

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Rosalys Garden


As a garden fan, I was very pleased to see Amandas beautiful prompt. It features Rosalys Garden in Petersborough and was awesome to give another try to some of the granulating colours I bought lately.

For the sky I used glacier blue and glacier turquoise. As I used a grain fin, cold pressed paper, the effect is not as strong as on grain torchon, but it was fun to try some new stuff again.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Painting Koi


Sketched these Koi after Amandas photo. I really like the colour contrast and the heavily granulating colours I wanted to try. Should paint more of these "water-landscapes".

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Nächster Workshop: "Wir malen Hohenlohe" Intensivkurs Urban Sketching


Klicke hier zur Buchung: 

oder telefonisch bei Frau Hirschle-Zimmermann: 07954 8325

(Die Plätze sind begrenzt, daher bitte zeitig buchen)

Gastgeber: Abraxa, Kunstfreiraum in Heroldhausen (nahe Kirchberg a.d. Jagst)


Wir tasten uns mit kleinen Dingen am Wegesrand, wie Blumen, Blättern und Steinen etc. heran an komplexere Häuser- und Straßenszenen, an Bäume, Wasser, Himmel, Essen usw...  und lernen den Bildaufbau, Licht- und Schatten zu setzen, Mischtechnik im Aquarell, die Basispalette, leuchtende Farbigkeit durch gezielte Kombination und Mischung etc...

Der Kurs ist sowohl für Anfänger, als auch Fortgeschrittene geeignet.


Bitte folgende Materialien mitbringen:


...und natürlich wetterfeste Kleidung.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

USk Germany Meeting Dortmund, part 6, finishing last sketches


Sunday breakfast was in our favourite café place after the group photo of all Sketchers who came to Dortmund. Finally I had the time to finish my large panoramic. I had started sketching the day Justyna came to Dortmund. It was super because many more sketchers came to this cafe and sketched with us. 


My panoramic is my personal favourite of all my Dortmund sketches, because I liked the place and the stories that go with it...and this one was the most time-consuming...


Again the photo doesn't really show the real look of it. It looks much better in the sketchbook, as the blues my computer shows are not the exact colours of my sketchbook. Never mind...

Then we went to further explore and finish some sketches we started during the last few days like this one, which I sketched after visiting our exhibition in the Museum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte:


It was a very colourful day, or was it just my mood?

Anyway I had to hurry back to the museum to get my exhibition sketches back and to finish my eagle drawing...which is at the entrance of the museum:

and here the finished colouring and not to forget the stamp:

That evening I had enough time to say goodbye to my dear friends who already left earlier and I did not need to hurry before going out to eat. A relaxed finish with good friends. The next morning my train was early and after a 8 hour train odyssey I finally arrived back home. It was worth it!