Tuesday, May 24, 2022



The first evening of Sketchtour not everyone participated at nightsketching, because some were really tired of their long travels. Five iron sketchers stayed with me close to the tower and gate of Kirchberg centre and we sketched the view with the gate and different light sources, focussing on colour contrasts:

This was the view of the first sketch. The lightsource was at the gate and the surrounding buildings were a lot darker. A few windows were illuminated...


Next day at daylight I could see that my sketch was not dark enough to be really read as a nightsketch. Therefore the next evening I intended to paint much darker in value.

We went further down the street and that day many more sketchers came as they heard that we had so much fun the day before... here is the on site photo of some of us:


We had headlamps and Claudia brought her magic granulation spray, which I actually used in the sky of my painting. It looks as if there were many little stars...


In my nightsketch you can see that the values are much darker than on the sketch of the night earlier. The reflections from windows and walls were stunning and the whole atmosphere was so quiet. We enjoyed nightsketching with all senses, this is why I would propose to all participants: let's do it again soon...

Monday, May 23, 2022

SKETCHTOUR KIRCHBERG - Internationales Malertreffen / International Meeting of Urban Sketchers


Blick von der östlichen Dachterrasse Schloss Kirchberg

A few days ago we had this international USk meeting called SKETCHTOUR KIRCHBERG at Kirchberg castle. 

Plein-air painters from 8 different countries (2 continents) joined in to paint landscape, city, portrait etc. The techniques were very diverse from inksketching, watercolouring, crayons to acrylic or marker paintings. We did Panoramasketching and Nightsketching as well and my sketchbuddy Katharina (@rinibommel) and I organized a sketchwalk from Mistlau to Kirchberg with different stops for landscape, river and floral paintings.

Lots of my old friends came there and also a small number of newbies.

We sketched three days in the stunning surrounding of Kirchberg and had such a good time.

Thank you to all Sketcher-friends for the good vibes, arttalks and new ideas you brought us. 

We will do that soon again, so stay tuned for more...

Some of the sketches from the three days in Kirchberg are to be seen on Instagram @urbansketchershohenlohe.



Plein-air Maler aus 8 verschiedenen Ländern (und 2 Kontinenten) trafen sich zum Austausch, fürs Stadt-, Landschafts- und Portraitmalen und natürlich auch um Skizzen der Hohenlohe Umgebung anzufertigen. Wir lebten im Schloss Kirchberg. Absolut empfehlenswert!

Die Maltechniken reichten von Tuschemalerei über Aquarelltechnik hin zu Acryl- oder Kreidematerialien.

Auf dem Programm stand ausser Portrait-, Panorama- und Stadtmalerei auch ein Sketchwalk von Mistlau nach Kirchberg, (geführt von Katharina) mit verschiedenen Stops zur Landschaftsmalerei sowie verschiedene Nightsketch-Aktivitäten in der Kirchberger Altstadt.


Wir danken den Teilnehmern für die wunderbaren Skizzen, die auf Instagram unter @urbansketchershohenlohe bereits einen repost erhalten haben.


Although I organized, I managed to squeeze in some watercolour sketches. 


What a fun and honour to sketch with so many fantastic international artists.


Sunday, May 22, 2022

Leisure Flower Sketching the night before Sketchtour


We did some flower sketching in the evening before we went to Sketchtour Kirchberg...we relaxed a bit, in order to be fit for the long sketchweekend.


Then the next day we would meet some of my German and International Sketchfriends. Stay tuned for more...