Friday, September 15, 2023

Visit of Marlene & Hélio Boto


Marlene & Hélio came later than expected. The heavy traffic made the trip from Switzerland to western Germany difficult. They finally arrived to meet again since we last met in Augsburg in 2019. Hélio is my "oldest" sketchfriend. Our first meetups in Portugal seemed like ages away, but in a way it was as if there was no time in between since we last met. 

We had dinner and they brought chocolate and some new to me Swiss crayons as a gift and I had to try both instantly. Here my fast sketch of Marlene and a very wonky one of Hélio ;) who was sketching as well...


It is fun, that the crayons are watercolourable...again different art tools for my collection and a fun to try. Thanks, friends.


New day, new fun:


Next day we had a USk Hohenlohe meetup with 4 sketchers by the weir in Schwäbisch Hall. There were Jan, Katharina, Hélio, Marlene and me. 

Here comes my sketch:

We went to Anlagencafé afterwards and later explored a bit the city...

Later we sketched at Market Square.

 The upper sketch is Hélios, the lower one is mine. We had a wonderful time in SHA.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Test Neocolor II, waterlilies


When visiting my aunty, I went to a nice waterlily pond with her. We had enough time for a nice chat and I could paint as well.

Had my Neocolor II with me. Actually this is my second painting with them although I bought them more than a year ago. 

The fun is that the crayons can be wetted and are watercolourable, so it was a great fun testing their abilities. 

In my head I had the following thoughts: For sketching outside there are several pros and cons concerning these colours. 

Pro: That you can easily use them and create very bold and colourful areas in your paper - dry and wet, and the colours are beautiful. Con is that the full box is quite heavy for urbansketching and the colours have a very different look than watercolours...ok not too much cons...;)

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Sketchbook fun at family fest



Each year we gather at some lovely place for family reunion and each year we are more and more people. Could have sketched for days if I would have made more portrait sketches... real fun.


I made a few more sketches, but I am in a lazy summer mood and will probably post them later. Happy holidays.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Sketching in Franzensbad, CZ


During a business trip I had the chance to see Franzensbad. Stayed there only very shortly, but I liked it very much with it's beautiful architecture and above all the nice walks through the parc. The city is not very big, but very relaxed. 

The Hotel Imperial had such beautiful statues at its facade so I had to draw them.


The figures are awesome and the building looks friendly and sunny with the yellow paint. It is also very beautiful from the inside.



The most relaxed place with the best coffee in town was at the terrace of Hotel Imperial. I drew a garden view with my tiny sketch palette and a Koval Sketchbook (300 gms Fabriano paper inside).


Here you can see me sketching on a colder summer day. What a relaxed and friendly place. Love it!

Monday, August 21, 2023

Forest sketch


Leisure forest drawing with coloured pencils and watercolour.

 Enjoying summer time.

Friday, August 4, 2023

Landscape France, Canal du Midi


My Sunday leisure painting shows a sluice and its surroundings au Canal du Midi.

The water in this one is very calm so I played with colours to make it more interesting. Did you know that the reflected objects in the water are mostly darker than the object itself?

Thank you Judith for providing this photo for week 84. J'adore.