Tuesday, November 16, 2021

USk Hohenlohe - Meeting in Gaggstatt - Jugendstil in Hohenlohe


Our little group of Urban Sketchers planned to meet in Gaggstatt for sketching the fantastic Jugendstil church there. I was there a few weeks ago to check the location and did three fast sketches into my A5 sketchbook in really good weather.

By then I was attracted by the tiny figures at the front gate and sketched one of them.


Then I went to the side of the building and tried to do one of the towers from a  weird position, which was quite fun with just a splash of sky into my sketchbook.


As we met now in November, it was a very cold and overcast day. Jutta said we had 3 degrees Celsius. She brought herself some hot coffee, which was clever. We had hat and gloves and blankets for not freezing too much. Andrea came too, but sadly she did not stay long. 

I like the architecture of the church and the story behind it. It is also worth looking inside. It is beautiful. Here is the architectural story: HERE

I decided to sketch from the back side of the building on my A3 blog and made my pencil sketch first:

My thoughts at that time: Which colour combination would be useful for this very grey sky? I chose a mix of cerulean and siena with a dab of violet. I put down my first wash.
In this fall weather the colour needed endlessly to dry. 


After a bit more than an hour I was frozen to the bone and so were my fellow painters. We went inside the church, but did not draw any more. A good place to come back in warm weather to explore it further. 

 What a cool experience.


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