Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Sketching with USk Madeira


We met at Ponta do Sol for a wonderful sunny day of sketching on the Island of Madeira. My friend Rui had organized the official meeting again. After the first sketch directly by the sea we made the throwdown in the lawn in front of a hotel.

Then we went to the Old Pharmacy, which is a place to eat and we could sit outside for lunch. The weather was great. I sketched three of my fellow sketchers while waiting for the meal.


Then we went uphill to a small chapel with a very beautiful lookout. From there we could see the rooftops of the houses below and of course the sea in front of us.

Here is the full spread:

 Later I sketched the Ponte (bridge) from a café.


I forgot to photograph the last throwdown, but there are some of my films and photos in my Insta feed, if you are interested. Thank you to Rui and USk Madeira for these great memories.


Here come some of my sketches from different locations on the Island

Then another one from Garajau

and some other sketchbook entries:

After one travel is before the next...

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