Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sketch Marathon Prague 2021 (part two)


The invitation to the residence of the Turkish Ambassador Egemen Bağış was a real nice and relaxing session. We could sketch inside or in the garden. I did both. I started outside to get a good view of the beautiful residence and later went inside to sketch part of the interior.


The two hours of sketching passed so fast, but we had the chance to spend one more hour to discuss our art with the Ambassador. Coffee, pastry and fantastic turkish coffee as well as black tea were served and we had a very good time. 
Then we went by train to Café Platýz for dinner. The crazy ones sketched on the way. Then I did a fast after dinner sketch of Adam
From 8pm we had the chance to see an amazing performance in Jazz Club Reduta.
I sketched in the beginning, before the music started.

Then the lights went off and I could not finish the people I wanted to sketch from the audience. You can see that you can't see anything anymore...

It was around midnight as most of the sketchers gave up. For the remaining the night was challenging. After midnight they sketched quickly on the bridge most Legií. Then they went to some restaurant and a club. Around 3am only three people continued with a sketchwalk 

We all met back at 8 am for breakfast at Obecní dům, where I did another watercolour portrait sketch. This time it was one of Justyna @wojnowskajustyna
Three people made it without sleeping which were Marta Rogalska, Adam Topór @ adamu_akkusu and the organizer Jan Vitek @janvitekart. Thank you Jan for this fantastic international event.

The weather has been challenging during the marathon with 12 degrees during the day and 2 degrees at night but we all had fun and it was absolutely worth the effort, as we all met so many cool people, became a load of new inspiration and an amazing number of beautiful artworks came to birth.

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