Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sketch Marathon Prague 2021 (part one)


Prague Marathon - by invitation only - So lucky that my friend Jan Vitek invited me to this exceptional and very well planned event. 
Here are some of the artists (two are missing)

We started on Saturday, Oct 16 with an 8am breakfast, then started our mission which meant that we tried to do 24 hours of constantly sketching. We changed locations every couple of hours. This meant that we did not have much time for each sketching session. We were 18 sketching participants plus a few more people who made photographs and videos plus one assistant. In total 24 people.
We started in Café Obecní dům for breakfast at 8am. 
Here I did my first sketch of the day of @amjakubek and :
I tried another one (of Jakob @jakob.falling), but did not finish, as breakfast arrived:

After the cosy cafe visit it was time to sketch outside. Jan organised a sketchwalk through Prague center with fast 20 minute sketches, we stopped at Old Town Square. Here I wanted to sketch a horse carriage, but it was cold and my colours did not dry at all...the lack of time did not make it better...
Then we hurried further to Charles Bridge. With two others of the group I made my way through the crowds of tourists to the other side to sketch the end of the bridge. This time with inkpen, as we only had 15 min. left. I believe that with inkpen I am much faster, but the watercolour is more fun.
The crowds of sketchers came and we went up to the huge Prague Castle. 
We had lunch in a restaurant in Hradčanské náměstí, which was nice and cosy and which definitely was one of my best lunches in Prague.
Finally in the warmth, at first I did a sketch of Joao Albergaria 
( @joaopauloalbergaria ) which actually is my favourite so far and then later another one of our friend Robert who sat opposite.

That's it for today.
I gotta go. 
More of the Sketch Marathon to come soon...

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