Sunday, August 12, 2018

USk Symposium 2018 in Porto, What I will miss most!

What I will miss most:

1. Breakfast with my friends, the way to the Alfandega in the morning seeing    
    sketchers already on the way and the early bird sketching
2. The singing of Amber Sausen to begin each day of the Symposium
3. The creative energy of the crowd, all as crazy as I am (some even more...)
4. The sketchers everywhere in the streets
5. The drink & draw, the art talk, the drawing on paper tablecloth, the learning, 
    the flipping through and talking about each others sketchbooks 
6. The sharing spirit
7. The multi-cultural open minded people 
8. The freedom to sketch all day and the allabout holiday feeling
9. The friendly locals and the good food
    and last but not least (and the point I miss most)
10. my old and new like-minded sketching friends 

Marc Holmes was right. This was one of the best experiences ever.
Let's meet again next year. 

The above drawing was made in Gaia, opposite Porto.

But this is NOT THE END of my travels, as my original flight back home was cancelled and consequently I did some more drawings as I therefore stayed a few days longer in Porto and the stay tuned...

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