Saturday, September 17, 2022

USk Germany Meeting in Dortmund, Part 1, Get the feeling for DORTMUND


After a nice train ride of 6,5 hours I reached Dortmund and was astonished about the modern look. After checkin into my hotel I strolled through the city in search of my first painting spot and found a nice narrow street close to Reinoldi church.

While I was doing my pencil sketch my friend Johanna contacted me that she has arrived and would like to join me. Very nice to meet her again after one month as she had been in Swidnica as well. 

Here is my finished sketch. I like the little rider on the horse in the lower left section. I sketched into an SMLT Sketchbook for trying the paper and seeing if it can take watercolour. It works quite nicely although it is not a real watercolour paper (It was a gift from the Swidnica Sketchers goodiebag).


I was about to finish when my friend Smadar from Hamburg contacted me to join for a coffee sketch. There are many good cafés in Dortmund and we met at one of them for refreshment and sketching.


Made a fast sketch of the surroundings as we went to explore the city further before the official opening of USk DEUTSCHLANDTREFFEN the next day.

This first day was a real good one to get a feeling for the city of DORTMUND and to meet old and new sketchfriends.

...stay tuned for more...

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