Monday, September 19, 2022

USk Germany Meeting Dortmund, Part 2, Sketchwalk Modern Dortmund


After having had a great time at a dining place with Hamburg and Berlin Sketcher friends I stood up early the next day to be able to sketch before my friend Justyna from USk Poland arrived. She was supposed to come by bus at about 9 o'clock, but turned out that the bus was delayed and so I picked her up at the train station a good one hour later.

First breakfast of course and then we went sketching together.


We had to check in (for getting our badges) around noon and went to the art market straight away.

In the afternoon there were two sketchwalks prepared by the Dortmund Sketchers which were:

- Modern Dortmund

- Soccer in Dortmund

We chose the first one and while we were waiting for the gathering we tried to sketch the enormous building of our "hub" which was the Museum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte.


Justyna and I were interviewed and we had a great time as she spoke in Polish and I tried to translate into German. This was so much fun.

Then the sketchwalk began and we searched a comfortable place to sit and sketched one of the Stadtbahn stations of Dortmund.

 Justyna worked in grey tones on grey paper whereas I worked in watercolour:

Afterwards we went back for the throwdown of sketches. There was not a lot of time to eat before we had to hurry back to the "hub" and the event began. There was a nice portrait party and actually later I won a great book. Lucky me.

Satisfied and tired we "crawled" back to our hotels. The only thing which was still left that evening was to have a look into the goodie bag before I fell asleep as a stone.

...stay tuned for more...

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