Friday, October 8, 2021

Sketchbook Sicily, Palermo in...out and about


Sicily Sketchbook  Entry 3, Palermo, in.....out and about

The following days flew by and I sketched like there is no tomorrow. Often just small thumbnails or sketches which I combined in double spreads. 

I also drew the view from my room in Palermo 

with the Ikea curtain and the plants in front of the balcony. You could hear the hustle and bustle of the never sleeping city...


If we went out at night I did some nightsketching like this one, I  made when we went out for the aperitif after a long day of sightseeing. 

There often come yummi plates of snacks with the drinks (which I inserted into the right side of the sketch).

Still the night temperatures were over 25 ° C, so it was really comfortable to sit outside.

At a table besides us (not in the photo) a guy fell from his collapsing seat. The small chairs are not really made for heavy North Europeans. It was quite surreal.

That one was sketched in a place nearby


Here I used a different paper, which was a bit strange after my usual sketchbook paper. 

Then the next day:

My next sketch shows our view from a breakfast place at Ballaró market. For us it was already second breakfast. Btw our hotel offered a wonderful breakfast.

We were sitting directly opposite this vegetable stall.

At Ballaró there were not that many people as years ago, which made it more easy to walk without bumping into too many people.

Then we went further as we wanted to see a church (Chiesa dell'Immacolata Concezione) at Mercato do Capo (another market closeby), but sadly the doors were closed (it was a tip of Palermitain sketcher Maria Francesca Starrabba to go to the mercato and the church). There we had another coffee, with a good vista onto the gates of famous Mercato do Capo. 

This view was sketched with a very thick pencil and I like the rough look. 


My sketchbook was full then and I had to change to a different one. 


Lots of bits and pieces from now on into a very different sketchbook, like the rondel window of the church I spoke about before at Antica Focacceria...


... and Piazza San Domenico, where you can find a nice café with fresh pastry and good coffee. 

The sketch I began at Palermo cathedral was never finished because of the masses of people there (...I began to feel uncomfortable...)

This is probably one of my longest posts ever. I tried to combine everything in one ... oh, and I nearly forgot the part of that beautiful house I drew...

Hope you liked my insights into Palermo sketching. 


more from Sicily very soon...

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