Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sicily Sketchbook, Cala Marina alle 4 pm, Meeting USk Palermo friends


Palermo, Cala Marina alle 4 pm

Maria Francesca Starrabba invited to a very scenic sketchlocation by the harbour of Palermo. In front lots of boats and the deep dark sea (as the weather was overcast that afternoon) and in another direction two ancient castles and mount Pellegrino. Enough possibilities to sketch. As we met it was a warm welcome after a year, we did not see each other. 

We were about a dozen sketchers among them painters like Anna Madonia,
Enza Gambino = En Ga, Antonella Italia, Celeste Gurgone, Anna Maria Puleo, Rosalba Leone, Antonietta Mazzamuto, Annick Le Jan, Rami Calò, Laura Salmeri Moncada and of course my friend M. F. Starrabba (@mariafrancescastarrabba). 
My first sketch was a harbour view:

We were sketching about 3 hours in which I made two fast panoramic sketches. Here is the harbour view as a double spread:

I wanted to cover different views. I joined Rami who did a view to another side of the harbour and I sketched the old castle behind the harbour with very beautiful trees to its sides (there is another castle in the distance you can see on the right side of the "search the mouse" - click to enlarge).

Maria Francesca and most of the others drew the harbour scene, while Rami painted the people (doing sports, making "passaegata" and Yoga) and the view away from the boats, while Celeste sketched a very beautiful landscape with different bic pens, mixing the colours in a fantastic way on the paper directly with little strokes (If you are interested in these look them up
on Celestes fb). 
In the next photo you can see that during my second sketch it was already getting dark...

After having finished our drawings, we went to a cafe by the harbour overlooking the sea. It was already dark and romantic lights were shimmering on the water. 
We had some drinks and some Sicilian delicacy snacks were offered with the drinks. We talked in multiple languages and it felt great to be back again and to be able to talk with like minded people. We had lots of fun and the opportunity to get to know each other better over a glass or two is invaluable, while the day ended in this very beautiful location. 

Thank you Maria Francesca and USk Palermo.


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