Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sicily Sketchbook, Entry 5, Cefalù sights



Sicily Sketchbook, Entry 5,  Cefalù sights

We came to Cefalú by train, and it was quite a relaxing 1 hour trip. Cefalú is a real fantastic holiday destination with a beautiful beach, a wonderful cathedral and lots of old town houses, a very scenic ensemble with a mountain behind the city and a lighthouse as well as a coastal walkway on the cliffs. The first thing when we came there, was of course  swimming in the clear blue sea. By the mole I did my first sketch (just in pencil, but I will show that in the next post, when finished). 

After having had a bite I drew the terrace of our B&B as the sun was going down behind the buildings, and a fresh wind came up. I did not finish colouring.


The rooftop terrace is on top of a building, which used to be part of an old fort. All houses are somehow built together...



So this first day, we explored the city of Cefalù and the next morning, when adapted to the new surroundings, I had to see the awakening of the day on our rooftop terrace overlooking the sea. To the other side there was an old campanile, which I tried to draw in direct watercolour while sipping my first coffee. Our B&B used to be an old fortified palace and if you look down the terrace you can see the cliffs and the sea. 


The new sketchbook still feels a bit strange. It sucks in the colours much more than in my usual sketchbooks, but I expressly wanted to explore it further and will adapt my watercolour style to it.


I finish my todays post with this little Ape drawing.


...stay tuned for more to follow...

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