Monday, September 6, 2021

LOKET SKETCHTOUR - "A personal affair..."


...or why I like PORTRAIT SKETCHING on sketch-events: 

1. You see characteristics and get to know people better...

2. Sketchers are good models, as they often sketch, while you draw them and 

    they do not move too much

3. It is also a good personal memory when flipping the pages of my sketchbooks

    this is what I mean by "personal affair"

4. Good learning with every sketch

5. The names of the people I sketched are somehow carved into my memory


Let's get back to Loket Sketchtour, an amazing event organized by Urban Sketchers Prague / Jan Vitek.

We arrived on Friday at midday and had a Sketchers lunch. That is where I made my first sketch. It was a portrait of Simon (see above). He sketched the surroundings and therefore he mostly looked down onto his paper.

I used a blue coloured pencil for the lines and watercolour for the rest.



Then in the evening I had the chance to do a sketch of Gunter as we sat in a pizzeria in the main square of this stunning city of Loket. There I just did the pencil sketch with a coloured pencil...then we moved elsewhere for nightsketching and I could not finish

This one was only coloured later when we had lunch the next day. Gunter is a great model as well. He sat very still and looked to me directly, which made me see his blue eyes better.

At breakfast on the terrace of Masonic House I also sketched Hana Alisa, who probably is our most productive sketcher of the group. She did wonderful artwork, but she left breakfast too early and I could not refine the sketch...

Ok it might get boring, but I still did one more at the dinner we had on an outside terrace with the whole LOKET SKETCHTOUR group. I sketched Smadar and it was getting dark. 


Difficult to see colours so I did not continue that evening.

Anyway I would still love to put on watercolour afterwards. Smadar said no. 

What do you think?


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