Wednesday, September 8, 2021

LOKET SKETCHTOUR - Sketchbook Insights



My personal favourite sketch is the "knight" sketch from breakfast, which I show first.



While in Loket I did larger watercolours as well, which I will show later, but here are only some of my sketchbook drawings (I still got some more...), which I loved doing when I knew that there would be not enough time to finish a large watercolour. So here come some of my double pages. The upper sketch was done "below the bridge" in late afternoon light.


But let's start at the beginning... My very first sketch of the tour was a portrait of Simon, while we had our first lunch together...

Then on the right side you can see the street up to the castle, which was drawn from our meeting point at "the column". I left it without colour, as we hurried to the next attraction...


I continued with a sketch of Gunter, which I began with coloured pencils at dinner.



I coloured that one the next day while having lunch. In between there was still a bit time to do the sketch of the knight and another inkpen&wash-sketch below the knight from "under the bridge". This is my favourite side of the sketchbook so far.


At breakfast I did a sketch of Hana Alisa, but she was to fast gone and I could not refine the sketch


It really seems that we jumped from one restau into another... the right side of the sketchbook shows the pizzeria opposite to our lunch location.

The next one shows the town hall. This was a comfortable place in an ice cream parlour, till a big van blocked my espresso in town was here and besides nice company of Simon.

The van is behind my sketchbook in the foto below ;)

Next was a sketch of the ice cream parlour from above by the church, looking down and the right side is a portrait of Smadar while we had dinner at a unique restaurant below the LOKET castle.


It began to get dark that evening and I did not colour the portrait as I did not see the colours anymore.


These are still not all of my sketches.... I will show more shortly.


Then it was really time for NIGHTSKETCHING at LOKET...but that is another story.

Stay tuned for more...

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