Friday, September 10, 2021

LOKET SKETCHTOUR - Nightsketching - colour & contrast


LOKET church in the background had just a few lights to its sides. We stood (some like DJ's working on larger pieces, like Jan Vitek, or sat in the town centre and sketched the area.

My sketch is in a sketchbook A5, double sided. My head torch was on and I was lucky to be able to see my paper for drawing...anyway we all tried to show the atmosphere of this late summer evening. The sketches of my fellow companions are on fb Urban Sketchers Prague

The next evening we were just three persons to still do a night sketch and I forgot to take my torch, so I sat down besides a street lamp below the massive castle of Loket and just did an inksketch of the castle garden with large round bushes, the lamps and the castle wall. The church tower was not illuminated and invisible in the distance. I used a mix of lunar blue and another dark watercolour directly from the tube to get a really dark sky and some shadows. In the end I used the beautiful cream coloured pencil, I once received as a gift from my sketchfriend Johanna from Hannover, while we did the last sketchtour (fb: johanna bd or @johannabd)

I was so happy that @elartista777 and @simon.north.77 were two of the very tough sketchers who were as enthousiastic as I was and we had a great time by the castle with chats about sketching materials and art talk.

Nightsketching is always veeery fun and some kind of experiment, as you never know what you get. The conditions are totally different from daytime and usually the timespan you sketch is much shorter than usual, due to not seing a lot, being tired and often harsher conditions (weather, insects, cold...)...This time we were just a little tired, which is why I did not throw a lot of watercolour on my sheet

Let's do that again soon!

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