Saturday, July 10, 2021

USk Hohenlohe - Bächlingen



Misty rain in the morning did not prevent our small group from meeting in scenic Bächlingen after lunch. I walked around and the first thing I saw, was a pair of swans with lots of brown young ones. Too bad that I did not dare to get closer.




Here is my sketchbook entry of the castle of Langenburg sketched from the village of Bächlingen, right below the city of Langenburg.




After checking the area, we all sat in a small street and sketched either the church or the beautiful houses around. Checkout @rinibommel and @urbansketchershohenlohe for more sketches of the outing. 

I was close to finish, as some time light rain began. We changed location...


Trotz Nieselregen trafen wir uns in Bächlingen und nachdem wir uns die Gegend angeschaut hatten setzten wir uns in die Straße an der Kirche und malten unsere Bilder. Danach machten wir einen Ortswechsel, von dem ich in Kürze berichten werde...


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