Monday, February 5, 2018

Über dem Meer

It is a beautiful morning in this oasis of green calm. Palms and succulents are very diverse here and some of these plants I have never seen in my life before. My todays subject is rather simple but beautiful, I can see the ocean from far and it could not get better, could it?! The thing is that you always need clips to hold the paper as the wind is strong on the island of Madeira.

Es ist ein wunderschöner Morgen in dieser ruhigen, grünen Oase. Palmen und Sukkulenten gibt es hier in allen Ausprägungen. Viele Pflanzen habe ich noch nie gesehen. Mein heutiges Motiv ist eher einfach, aber es ist schön hier, denn ich kann das Meer von Weitem sehen ... es könnte nicht besser sein. Der Wind ist immer stark seit ich hier bin, d.h. man braucht auf jeden Fall Clips, um die Blätter des Skizzenbuchs offen zu halten.

Today the translation of yesterdays post (sorry did not have time to do it earlier):

XX. Urban Sketchers Madeira Meeting

At 9:30 I reach Funchal and come out of the CR7 parking. The sun is shining. It is my first visit to this marvellous city and I turn around and see the bronze statue of Ronaldo. I continue my way to the meeting place called Parque de Santa Catarina. Some sketchers are already there and they give me a warm welcome. The group around the artist Rui Soares is numerous and very talented. We started sketching at Catarina Capela, a nice old church in the park. The weather is fine and we have fun. We look at each others drawings, flip through sketchbooks and discuss. A cruise ship comes into the harbour and I want to sketch it quickly before we do our lunch break. Five of us stay in the park for picknick and the others go home. 

Next spot to meet is Praca do Povo and as there is a café right on the spot, we sat down comfortably to sip a bica, our next subject directly in front of us which is the Cathedrale de Sé. We jump into the drawing and have a good time. The group is very sympathetic and talented. A link to their blogspot is here. They have a lot more photos than me and a film of us drawing the two spots...