Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Thank you so much to the Urban Sketchers Algarve friends and above all to Hélio Boto. He mailed me in advance that during my visit there was no official meeting planned but that he can create one. Very cool. And this is what he did for my third visit to the Sketcher friends of the Algarve and I am very thankful as I loved every minute of my time with them. 

We had a wonderful weather,  clear sky, sunny, warm and the view to Alvor harbour was stunning. Helio arrived first, then Hugo and Maria. We searched for a nice place close to the sea in order to draw boats. Later BJ and Alfredo arrived and we went for a bite into a unique restaurant, where we had lunch. We shared 3 big portions of the prata do dia, which was some kind of octopus-with-potatoes stew (- I do not remember the name -)  and it was a good experience plus very fun to talk about the consistency of the fish in the stew ;o). Later Helio began to draw onto the paper table cloth and I am sorry that I did not take a foto of it. The restaurant now has a piece of art from Hélio.
After Lunch BJ began portraiting us and then we did all some portrait sketching. I did four quick ones of the others with micron pen and watercolour  - I love the one of Alfredo who sat at the table highly concentrated on his own sketch while I drew him -  Maria drew the colourful chairs and surroundings. Thought I'd share my work which was not always successful or even finished but anyway I had a lot of fun on this outing and I will show nearly everything I drew. Our group event was an unforgettable visit to Alvor, Portugal (Algarve) and being able to meet old and new sketching friends all with the same crazy idea of capturing moments in drawings and have a good time together. A very cool thing is that Hélio made me an extremely prescious to me present which I will show you tomorrow. So stay tuned...

Thank you to Maria, BJ, Alfredo, Hugo, and above all to Hélio for a wonderful sketching day in Alvor.

Herzlichen Dank an meine Freunde der Urban Sketchers Algarve und vor allem an Hélio Boto. Er schickte mir einige Zeit bevor ich kam eine email, dass während meines kurzen Aufenthaltes an der Algarve leider kein offizielles Meeting geplant wäre, dass er jedoch eines ansetzen werde. Sehr cool. Er hat alles organisiert und mir einen Dritten Besuch bei meinen Malfreunden von der Algarve ermöglicht und ich bin dankbar dafür und habe jede Minute mit ihnen genossen. So und jetzt möchte ich meine Bilder mit euch teilen, die nicht immer gut gelungen sind oder fertig wurden, aber es war wieder ein grosser Spass. Herzlichen Dank an alle. (Näheres zum Essen, Malen und Portraitieren oben im englischen Teil.)

Unten noch mein letztes Bild des Tages (Doppelseite). Wir saßen in der zu drei Seiten offenen Markthalle von Alvor mit Blick aufs Meer und einige Fischer saßen direkt neben uns. Es war sehr schön im Schatten zu sitzen und auch dass uns die Herren einige ihrer Stühle zum bequemen Malen überließen. Ein gelungener Tag!