Saturday, June 24, 2017


Paper test: Info to all watercolour nerds and above all to Hélio: Yes, this is the paper you gave me last month and I finally tried it out. 

It is a Canson, Moulin du Roy 100% cotton,  300 g, grain satin watercolour paper.

I enjoyed painting on it. It can take a lot of water and easily many layers of washes as you can see on the edge of my drawing. The surface is extremely smooth and flat compared to the rough paper I usually use and as a consequence brushstrokes can be made very precisely and easy without interruption. I tried very dark watercolour and the paper takes it too without swallowing too much of the brightness of the colour.
Thank you for having given me the opportunity to test it.

BTW: This Peonie in front of the hedge in the garden is one of my favourite as she smells beautifully.

Diese Pfingstrose vor der Hecke im Garten ist eine meiner Liebsten, da sie einen unwiderstehlichen Duft hat.