Wednesday, January 3, 2024


Sketched at Lipari harbour. The ship is one of the ships that provision the island with all kind of goods and transports the garbage away. 


Many times during the day you could see the different ferries coming and going and it never gets boring here and it is a paradise for sketchers who like to sketch different types of ships.


We made a lot of walks and came by a caper factory which made me sketch the stadiums of capers. First the fruit = caper, then the flower and later the cucunci which is eatable as well.

 Then the lemon is very important in Sicily. We are on a Sicilian Island!


Plus I can see a few pomegranate plants here which I really think have spectacular fruits.


There is a long promenade with a beach in front close to the main harbour and I sketched one of the lovely painted boats. Here comes my whole spread:

 Then there is also a castle hill with churches, castle and very ancient graves...

 The upper sketch is on one of the hightest points of the castle.


And here comes the way up. The beautiful building in the back is a church.

More of the story in a different post...stay tuned...


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