Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sketchtrip to Budapest 2 - Meet at Market Hall


Things can go wrong...

Örs from USk Budapest came to the Grand Market Hall as agreed and we were already chatting about what happened since we last met and it turned out that Justyna was at another market (I did not know that there were six different). No worries, a few minutes later she appeared at the right one and we could begin to sketch. We all did the same view and had a good time there in the cold (the hall was not heated). We were standing in the upper part looking down at the roofs of the stalls. 

These are the sketches of the three of us and Örs brought the official stamp of Urbansketchers Budapest to make it an official meeting...

This is Justyna and me sketching in the cold...;)


...and here the three crazy sketchers. Thank you Örs for the fun.

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