Thursday, September 16, 2021

LOKET SKETCHTOUR - a few more sketches (some unfinished)



The upper one is a direct watercolour sketch (the only without preliminary pencil drawing). My sketches are very different each time as when I knew I had lesser time, I started the sketch with inkpen (black or sanguine) The following for example was on the last day, close to the castle entrance, a few minutes before we met for breakfast. I had to hurry, so I pulled out my black ink pen and sketched first the young couple sitting on the bench next to me.

Then I did a sketch at breakfast, which is the left one. I liked the building with some art deco facade. The right side was made on a paper I did not really like and I had to throw a lot of colour onto the page in order to be satisfied with the outcome.

Then I tried again the "bad paper" with ink pen and watercolour, but again I did not like it, as it sucked in all the colour and needed endless time to get some colour onto the paper (and time is this is not the right paper for me)

My second last one was a sketch in the narrow streets surrounding Loket and a very nice man talked to me in Czech language but switched into perfect German as he noticed that I am German... Turned out that he lives in the house I was sketching... btw the lamps in Loket are huge, that is why I actually did this view.


Could not use watercolour because I had to hurry back for meeting the others for lunch. I even sketched two more unfinished, but that's it for now. 

It was a great joy to be in Loket in such good company. Thanks to


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