Wednesday, October 25, 2023

USk Deutschlandtreffen in Berlin - Arrival and Sketchwalk 1 - "DDR Moderne"


We came late in the evening to Berlin and luckily there was a nice little restaurant closeby where I could eat "Buletten mit Bratkartoffeln". Typical dish.

My sketchwalk next day was fun and completely out of my comfort zone as its topic was "GDR Modern" my four 20 min. sketches...always had to hurry... time for windows or the like...;)

This one was close to Café Moskau. No time for more layers in watercolour...

And as we came closer to Alexanderplatz, there were many red cranes to be seen...


Then we were real close to the train station of Alexanderplatz and in my sketch below you can see part of the tower of Alex.




Later I was happy to sketch more stuff to my liking, like for example the statue of St. Georg at Nicolaiviertel.


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