Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Sketching in Franzensbad, CZ


During a business trip I had the chance to see Franzensbad. Stayed there only very shortly, but I liked it very much with it's beautiful architecture and above all the nice walks through the parc. The city is not very big, but very relaxed. 

The Hotel Imperial had such beautiful statues at its facade so I had to draw them.


The figures are awesome and the building looks friendly and sunny with the yellow paint. It is also very beautiful from the inside.



The most relaxed place with the best coffee in town was at the terrace of Hotel Imperial. I drew a garden view with my tiny sketch palette and a Koval Sketchbook (300 gms Fabriano paper inside).


Here you can see me sketching on a colder summer day. What a relaxed and friendly place. Love it!

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