Thursday, May 4, 2023

From my Calabria Sketchbook


Due to a strike my stay in Scilla was minimized to 3 days in which I aimed to sketch as much as I could of this charming city...I had awesome weather and I was in very good mood!

This time I had a zigzag paper prepared and a landscape format Aqua Journal Sketchbook in my sketchbag. In the upper sketch you can see Castello Ruffo above the sympathetic harbour of Scilla.

  Then here comes an unfinished sketch from the terrace towards the church....

 ...then a sketch of Cesare, which I sketched from the bar towards his shop, where he was sitting opposite in the sun, making some art bracelets for his customers.


...then a nightsketch from the centre of the upper village and loads more like I was also starting to paint the fountain (unfinished) and lots more...

 All in all very intensive three days and yep, I liked it and will come back soon.

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