Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sketchbook Sicily, Entry 7, Cefalù panoramic


The first day we came here I started with the pencil sketch of the panoramic I wanted to paint. That were a lot of tiny houses by the historic centre beach. I sketched from the mole in the bright sun and could not watercolour that day because of the heat. Instead I jumped into the water to refresh and continued one day later... here is the full spread.

And here is the on-site photo for comparison (click to enlarge).

I did not draw the dark background of the rock, because I wanted a light ensemble. 

Later that day I did the following small sketches:

And this last evening in Cefalu was especially nice. 

In the next photo you can see the beginning of me sketching the snacks...

At Deja-Vu Bistrot we were spoiled with delicacies and different pasta as well as a semifreddo in the end. 

I just painted the apéritif snacks with green olives from Trapani region.


You see that I used a waterbrush here, as there was not much place on the table where I could have met my waterpot for a real brush. Later the table was too full of good things to eat that it was impossible to sketch any further... it was time to concentrate on eating the delicious meal.

Here is my full spread of that evening:


The following seascape and croissant with pistacchio stuffing are from the next mornings breakfast sketching, before we had to leave our lovely terrace in Cefalù. We had to pack, as our train to Palermo Centrale was leaving...

more of Sicily shortly...

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